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  • Everyday Range

    Remember the days of simple, honest bread fresh from your local bakery? We believe that great bread should capture the spirit of the village bakery and we're proud of our connections to the local people and places of Australia.

    Abbott's Village Bakery™, bread the way it should be.

  • Rustic White Skip to Farmhouse Wholemeal

    Our Rustic White is made with quality Australian wheat. It is baked just the way bread should be, with a generous dusting of wheat flour to finish.

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  • Farmhouse Wholemeal Skip to Country Grains

    Enjoy our Farmhouse Wholemeal loaf, made with all the goodness of wholemeal wheat flour.

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  • Country Grains Skip to Light Rye

    Our Country Grains loaf is a wholesome bread containing the goodness of delicious whole grains and generously topped with oats.

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  • Light Rye Skip to Harvest Seeds and Grains

    Enjoy our Light Rye loaf, made with Australian rye flour for its distinctive taste and topped with a generous dusting of wheat flour.

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  • Harvest Seeds & Grains Skip to Rustic White

    Our Harvest Seeds & Grains loaf is made with a wholesome blend of canola, linseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds to give a delightful texture. These are then combined with whole grains and the loaf is finished with a generous topping of sesame seeds.

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  • Grainy Wholemeal Skip to Rustic White

    Enjoy our Grainy Wholemeal loaf, made with a delicious combination of whole grains, baked in a wholemeal flour base and generously dusted with oat bran.

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  • Oats, Grains & Sunflower Seeds Skip to Rustic White

    Our Oats, Grains & Sunflower Seeds loaf is made with a delicious blend of whole grains and seeds, with a generous dusting of oat bran. From the moment it was made we knew it was something special, and now you will too.

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  • Seasonal

    We believe that eating with the seasons and enjoying fresh home grown produce all year round is the way it should be. So we are proud to bring you our Damper loaf, baked to complement the freshest produce of Summer. It is soft and wholesome, generously sprinkled with flour.

    Abbott's Village Bakery™, bread the way it should be.

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  • Malted Flakes

    Skip to Summer

    Our Malted Flakes loaf has been baked to complement the produce of Spring, made with malted wheat flakes and generously sprinkled with malted wheat flake flour.